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Acquaintances say what you want to hear. Friends tell you the truth. And we work on the basis of trust. Part of that trust is that we can tell each other what’s going on. We remain critical of each other and keep each other sharp. It’s the sort of collaboration you can build something from.

Our baseline is that our services are service-oriented and proactive. Taxperience raises the bar. We add value. Taxperience advice is clear, substantiated and concrete. It helps you determine your tax course. To ensure you always get the most favourable and appropriate solution from a tax and business point of view. And this includes support put into practice.

Family company

As an entrepreneur, wealthy private individual or DGA, you will have to deal with tax and legal regulations both at home and abroad. This regularly complicates issues. The professionals at Taxperience know all about this complexity. We can help you with tax advice and provide notarial guidance. We do this with respect and trust so you always get a suitable solution.

You can contact us for:

  • Tax and legal structuring of the family business
  • Tax and legal structuring of business succession
  • Advice on (living) wills and prenuptial agreements
  • Estate planning
  • Family protocol

Family matters often involve multiple questions and interests. This is why we involve experts from the entire Taxperience team. You will have one contact person with whom you coordinate everything. But in the background, we will work together to get the best result for you, your family and the company.

This team is ready for you:

Trusted advice in complex family matters.

Your transfer pricing documents always up to date.

Transfer pricing

If your company trades with other group companies at home or abroad, you must charge the same prices internally as you would for independent third parties. This is related to the tax you have to pay. To demonstrate that you are working fairly, you need transfer pricing documentation.

Our transfer pricing specialists will help you prepare the necessary documentation, keep it up-to-date, and adapt it to any changes that are made in your company. You can also contact us for:

  • Drawing up and assessing transfer pricing policy, including benchmarks
  • The profit allocation to permanent establishments
  • Use of the innovation box
  • Valuations upon transfer of intangible fixed assets
  • Assistance with any transfer pricing audits carried out by the tax authorities
  • Obtaining a ruling, such as an Advance Pricing Agreement (APA)

Our transfer pricing specialists are experienced in analysing and valuing transfer prices of group transactions. This means we will ensure your company always meets its tax obligations in the Netherlands and abroad.

This team is ready for you:

International Tax

Your business is growing. You are looking beyond national borders. What you find are new markets. New opportunities to grow. And new rules to comply with. We can help you with the latter. Taxperience’s professionals have already mastered international legislation in many countries. And we work with local partners to ensure we can give you the best advice.

You can contact us with questions such as:

  • What are my overseas tax obligations if I open an office or appoint a representative in a foreign country?
  • What is the best type of business for my overseas business?
  • How do I optimise my business model if I start doing business overseas?
  • What are the consequences if I send staff overseas?
  • What tax matters should I be thinking about when taking over a foreign company?

As your business grows, we can help you stay in control of your tax obligations abroad. Of course, we always keep your business in mind.

This team is ready for you:

Well-arranged international taxes.

Would you like to find out more about our tax advice?

Strengthen your human capital with our specialists.

Human Capital

If you want to cross the border as an entrepreneur, you must arrange things properly for your employees. After all, your employees are your most important capital. But what are the things you have to consider when you hire foreign employees? And how can you make good use of all the arrangements available for this? Our human capital professionals are happy to help you find the right answers.

You can contact us with questions about:

  • Employee insurance
  • Payroll tax
  • Work-related costs scheme
  • Expatriate services (30% ruling)
  • Sending personnel abroad or bringing them to the Netherlands
We are happy to work with you to develop a way of applying the rules that suits your company and employees. Of course we can also help you with any queries about regulations, and you can count on our guidance during the implementation and optimisation of a particular process.

This team is ready for you:

VAT & Customs

Filing a VAT return is mandatory for all companies. The bigger the company, the more this process involves. This is especially true if you also work in a foreign country. Knowledge of the market, laws and regulations of each country is then indispensable. The Taxperience specialists already have this knowledge and will be happy to put it into practice for you. We combine this with all the customs formalities and regulations that may arise to ensure you always meet the (inter)national requirements.

You can contact us for:

  • Taking care of the VAT return, ICP and Intrastat statement
  • Identifying and optimising your VAT position
  • Supervision of transactions (e.g. chain and real estate transactions, or purchase and sale of participations)
  • Guidance with e-commerce
  • Objection and appeal procedures
  • Conducting consultations with the tax authorities
  • Due diligence investigation
  • General fiscal representation for non-Dutch companies

Do you do business abroad? Then we would be happy to act as your tax representative with a general permit. In this role, we can take care of your administrative obligations for Dutch VAT. Do you regularly import goods from non-EU countries? Then you can apply for an Article 23 permit with our fiscal representation. This gives you a cash flow advantage on the VAT on imports.

This team is ready for you:

With our knowledge, we can help you with all the VAT & customs aspects.

We can add value to the tax
return process.

Tax compliance

Filing taxes is an essential part of any business strategy. The bigger the company, the more difficult it is to keep an overview. Our specialists are happy to work with you. We will sink our teeth into the numbers and help you find beneficial schemes.

You can contact us for the preparation and submission of various declarations:

  • Corporation tax
  • Income tax
  • VAT
  • Inheritance and gift tax declaration
  • Declaration of intra-Community performances (EC Sales List)
  • Intrastat declarations
  • Setting up a payroll and/or VAT administration

We look at every step of the process with you. From preparation to submission: our professionals take the entire tax return process off your hands. But you can also call on us to sort out smaller, underlying issues if you need us. For example, to carry out a final check of the figures drawn up by your accountant, tax advisor or financial employee. We always look at where we can add value and adjust our approach accordingly.

This team is ready for you:

Taxperience Real Estate

As a property developer or real estate investor, you face various tax challenges. The choices you make partly determine the return on your property. For example, do you invest privately or through your private limited company? And do you owe VAT or transfer tax when purchasing real estate? Taxperience's tax and notarial specialists are ready to answer these questions for you.
By combining the knowledge of colleagues with different specialisms, we can provide you with quick and effective support on any issue. Our focus is on real estate transactions, project development, business succession and real estate and property investment. With high-quality tax and notarial advice and creative solutions, our Real Estate Desk helps you maximise the return on your real estate.
This team is ready for you:

Our Real Estate Desk maximises the return on your property.

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