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Entrepreneurship is all about seeing opportunities. Creative thinking. Being flexible. But it is also daring to look at yourself critically. To see what else can be done. Where there are potential improvements to be made. We are entrepreneurs. And we work with entrepreneurs. This is why we can easily sense what you need from us and respond accordingly.

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Taxperience provides legal advice in down-to-earth language

From setting up a legal structure, dealing with an emotional life event such as marriage or death, to the business record of mergers or acquisitions: legal advice is indispensable if you want to arrange things properly. Taxperience Notary Services helps you, the entrepreneur, get everything in order from a notarial perspective. We do it in language that is easy to understand so you know exactly what we are talking about. This ensures you will be aware of everything that is going on without having to worry about it yourself.

Get advice that suits your company. Both now and in the future.

Business law

Are you facing the establishment of a legal entity (such as a B.V.), an acquisition, merger, reorganisation or company takeover? Then you know that you have to arrange a lot of things properly. Our (junior) civil-law notaries will take care of your legal worries. We work with you closely: we discuss your ambitions and wishes and come up with concrete advice and solutions.

Estate planning

If you have built up capital, you naturally want to handle it carefully. Estate planning involves emotions. After all, you are talking about what you are going to leave behind for the next generation, or charities that are close to your heart. Despite those emotions, it is very important to proceed carefully. Both legally and fiscally. We work closely with you to discuss matters such as wills, family protocols and drawing up a donation plan.

Be smart in the way you transfer your accumulated wealth to the next generation.

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Carefully manage your affairs regarding emotional events 

Family law

From cohabitation and marriage to divorce and death: changes in your life not only have emotional consequences, but also legal and fiscal ones. We understand you want to arrange it all properly. That’s why we’re here for you at any time in your life. The Taxperience (junior) civil-law notaries will arrange the drafting of documents such as cohabitation contracts, prenuptial agreements, (living) wills, divisions and certificates of inheritance.  

Commercial real estate

The real estate world is complex. Our specialists know all about that. We therefore already know the questions you have. And we would be happy to answer them. Of course, you can count on our knowledge during the entire period of a transaction. We will be involved from the initial phase to the final completion. And we will keep an eye on ensuring an optimal result for you at every step. You can contact us for complex real estate transactions, project development, splits in apartment rights, and the refinancing of real estate portfolios.


Taxperience is happy to assist you in the complex real estate world.

Together, we will work towards the best solution for every issue

Taxperience does it together

Collaboration is central to Taxperience’s approach. On the one hand, this means we always make decisions in consultation with you. We work closely with you, listen to your wishes, and do everything we can to give you the best result. On the other hand, co-operation also means we bundle the expertise of different specialists. If we get bogged down by tax regulations during a legal issue, we will get our colleagues involved and get their advice. This ensures you get the best solution for every question.

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