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Companies often unknowingly pass up on money that they are entitled to. Or they pay too much tax. That’s a real shame. Because that’s how money gets left behind. Money you could invest in improving your business. The Tax Scan gives you insight into the areas of tax that require attention, letting you discover which reimbursements and schemes are available to you. This is how you take your company to the next level.

How does the Tax Scan work?

Our specialists check your tax file during a Tax Scan. We look at the following taxes:

  • Corporation tax
  • VAT
  • Dividend tax
  • Payroll tax
  • Income tax

You can also engage us to investigate a specific tax issue. We can identify the risks and provide advice about what could be improved. In addition, a Tax Scan is great as a second opinion. We can remove any doubts you may have about advice you may have received previously, or we can help you make an important decision.

The Tax Scan gives you insight and advice about your tax

The Tax Scan lets you see how your company is doing from a tax point of view

Tax review

Tax rules change constantly. To make sure you do not run any tax risks, it is good to carry out a regular test on your situation. The Tax Scan is a useful tool for this. You provide your data, our experts see if there are improvements to be made. Based on the results, you will receive advice about how to achieve the optimal fiscal situation.

Company takeover

A company takeover is a very important moment to know everything about your tax situation. After all, when you take over a company, you want to know about the potential tax risks, and what you should focus on when integrating the new company into your existing organisation. Are you selling? Then insight into your tax situation can optimise the sales price.

The Tax Scan identifies potential risks in a company takeover

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The not so standard Tax technology

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