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Farewell bonus does not qualify as cost of sales participation

After the sale of a company, bonuses are paid by the parent company to the employees of the participations that have been sold. The Dutch Supreme Court ruled in December 2023 (HR 22-12-2023, no 22/02219) that the bonuses are deductible for tax purposes. As such, the bonuses do not qua …

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Expats lose out in court

In short: The benefit expats receive when coming to the Netherlands (the 30% ruling) has been limited to a maximum of 5 years since 2019. Prior to 2019, the duration was 8 years. The duration of the ruling has also been shortened for existing expats who were already benefiting from th …

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Efficiently Gifting Real Estate to Children through a Family Trust

You may have heard about the possibility of managing your wealth through a family fund. A family fund can be highly appealing for affluent families. Here, we will delve into several possibilities of a common investment fund ('CIF'), also known as the family fund. Specifically, we will …

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