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The Global Mobility Company, a brand new alliance in global mobility services

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The Global Mobility Company, a brand new alliance in global mobility services

We are proud to present our new alliance the “Global Mobility Company”. The goal of the Global Mobility Company is to improve and simplify the daily worklife of people working in the Global Mobility industry. We have combined our strengths, knowledge and experience into one single alliance and so creating a one stop shop. Say bye bye to multiple initiations, numerous contacts and various places for data input!

The alliance consists of the following disciplines: 

Relocation-, immigration and international moving services powered by AGS KHZ
Petra Hasselbach and Michiel Delmonte

Insurance powered by De Goudse
Mario Vitale and Remko Dekker

(International) Tax and social security powered by Taxperience
Remko Jellema and Hans de Vries

HR support powered by Global Mobility Nomad
Jeroen Brakenhoff and Femke Meijeringh van Arnhem

Together we have more than 100 years of experience in the field of Global Mobility. We would like to work with you on your Global Mobility challenges, now and in the future.

Please feel free to visit our brand new website on www.globalmobilitycompany.com and/or to contact us directly (info@globalmobilitycompany.com). We are more than willing to introduce our alliance, ourselves and the possibilities to assist your Global Mobility department. The Global Mobility Company works with preferred suppliers for Data, Data analytics, advice and benchmarking.

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